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New Joomla! Extensions

Find extensions for your Joomla site in the Joomla Extensions Directory, the official directory for Joomla components, modules and plugins.
  1. InfinityGrab fetches content from almost any external data source, processes the information found as required and writes it to Joomla Content or a variety of 3rd-party extensions. InfinityGrab is equipped with engines to grab content from RSS feeds, Youtube, Google News, XML files and emails. It then uses smart processors to automatically clean up the content before passing it on to Joomla. The fetched content can be written to Joomla Content articles or a variety of 3rd-party extension with the option to configure author alias, categories, keywords, publishing state etc.

  2. Joomla Trustpilot Reviews extension is a free Joomla extension to show Trustpilot reviews and review request from site visitors.

    Show review count

    You can show your Trustpilot review count

    Request review

    You can show a badge toı request a review for your Trustpilot account

    All you need to do is :

    • Enter your Business ID,
    • Select Preferred Language,
    • Select the Show type
    • and Publish!

    No coding required!

  3. Joomla Content Protection will help you protecting your joomla site content from being copied. Just install add a small plugin on your website and Content Protection Extension for Joomla defend web content from being plagiarized.

    No Coding Required

    You do not need to know coding! It is an install and use extension! Default parameters are as seen at demo! You can change everything via extension back-end.

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Everything is as we described at extension features and demos! No disappointments and 100% satisfaction is guaranteed!

    Disable Text Selection

    Disable Text Selection Disable Text Highlight (Text Selection) by Mouse.

    Disable Select All

    Disable HotKeys: Ctrl+A (Windows and Linux), ⌘+A (macOS) Protect Your Text from Being Copied by Select All HotKeys.

    Disable Copy

    Disable HotKeys: Ctrl+C (Windows and Linux), ⌘+C (macOS) Protect Your Text from Being Copied by Copy HotKeys.

    Disable Cut

    Disable HotKeys: Ctrl+X (Windows and Linux), ⌘+X (macOS) Protect Your Text from Being Copied by Cut HotKeys.

    Disable Paste

    Disable HotKeys: Ctrl+V (Windows and Linux), ⌘+V (macOS) Disable Paste HotKeys.

    Disable Save

    Disable HotKeys: Ctrl+S (Windows and Linux), ⌘+S (macOS) Protect Your Text from Being Saved by Save HotKeys.

    Disable View Source

    Disable HotKeys: Ctrl+U (Windows and Linux), ⌘+U (macOS) Disable to View Source Code of Page by HotKeys.

    Disable Print Page

    Disable HotKeys: Ctrl+P (Windows and Linux), ⌘+P (macOS) Protect Your Page from Being Printed by HotKeys.

    Disable Developer Tool

    Disable HotKeys: Ctrl+Shift+I (Windows and Linux), ⌘+⌥+I (macOS) Disable to View Source Code of Page by Developer Tools.

    Disable Safari Reader Mode

    Disable Reader mode in Safari: ⌘+Shift+R (macOS) Protect Your Text and Images from being copied in the Safari Reader mode.

    Disable Right Click

    Disable Mouse Right Click Protect Your Content from Being Copied by Context Menu.

    Disable Image Dragging

    Disable Image Dragging by Mouse.

    Exclude Menu Items

    You can disable plugin for the selected menu item(s)

    Easy Setup

    Install and Publish... Easy to setup and use

  4. This module displays minimised HikaShop Products. Best way to displays few HikaShop products on left or right sidebar of your template.


    • Responsive design
    • Option to set maximum number of products to display.

    • Show products from all HikaShop categories or from one or more categories.

    • Show products from all HikaShop brands or from one or more selected brands.
    • Show only manually selected products.

    • Display products synchronised by currently viewing category when possible.

    • Show products ordered by Random, Most recent, Top sales, Availability date, Rating scores, Votes, Hits.
    • Options to show only Sale price or Base price and sales price when discount applied to the product.
  5. A perfect solution for any restaurant, bar or cafe related website looking to display a clean and stylish online version of their menu. Fully stacked with a collection of layout and styling options, J51 Menu allows you complete control of your menu across all devices.

    Define multiple menu groups
    Define title, description and price for each item
    Multiple column option definable for each screensize
    Total color control
    Fully responsive
    Fast and lightweight


Pop Up Panel

Here is the pop up panel you can use to promote any product or products that you think your customers should see at the very bottom of the website. You can use 6 different modules positions between intro-1 and intro-6.

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